GKK Delivery Policy

GOKINGKONG Delivery Policy

1. When will I get my order?

To know when you will receive your order, it is important to identify the source and delivery location of the item. Below shows the average time needed for an order to reach you after the we or the logistic service providers have shipped out the order under normal conditions:

GoKingKong promise to provide a SLA (Service Level Agreement) within 7 working days to deliver your parcel.

From OriginTo Destination
East Malaysia1 – 7 Working Days
West Malaysia1 – 7 Working Days

Here is the details of shipping rates:

East MalaysiaFirst 1kgRM 5
Subsequent 1kgRM 1
West MalaysiaFirst 1kgRM 15
Subsequent 1kgRM 10


2. If the delivery failed, will delivery be reattempt for the next day?

If your item could not be delivered the first time because there was no one to receive it at your delivery address, an arrangement will be made between logistics service provider and recipient, a second delivery attempt will be done the next day (Weekends excluded) or following date that both parties agree.


3. How to know my order status?

When your package status is at or past "Shipped", this is means that logistics provider has picked up your parcel and the package is on its way to be delivered to the shipping address. We will however monitor the delivery with the courier to ensure the package is delivered within an average 2 – 7 days. However, delays are unfortunately possible due to e.g. bad weather incidents or customs delay.

  •         Home > User Center > My Order (Order List)

  •         You can view your order status changing from Ready to Ship to Shipped status once your parcel is picked up by logistics service provider, it is considered to have been shipped out.

  •         If you have received your parcel, you are advised to log in to GoKingKong & click [Order Received] from My Order, then your order status will become Received and it is considered as [Completed status]. The order status will also automatically switch to Received status and it is considered as Completed if you have not clicked [Order Received] after 14 days.


5. What happens to status that are not moving?

There will be delays in the status update especially for unforeseen event due to e.g. weather incidents or customers delay. However, rest assured as we are making every effort to move the packed items and deliver within promised date. If status is stuck for more than 3 – 5 days, please reach out to our logistics service providers (hereby refer to J&T Express) or GoKingKong Support Team.

J&T Contact Details :

Or you can contact us by tapping on [Contact Us] at the bottom of page


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