GKK Cancellation Policy

GoKingKong User Cancellation Policy

When & How I can cancel my order?

Generally, user will need to place an order before you can make any cancellation.

Cancellation by User: You may cancel the particular order which you have placed when you have not made payment for your order.

You have the option to cancel order only under the scenario as illustrated below:

1) You have not made full/any payment for your order

Please refer to the steps below to look for your order.

  • Browse GoKingKong (https://www.gokingkong.com/)

  • Log in GKK User Account

  • Click on your Username (click on username on the most upper left corner of the website)
    (Username > User Centre> Transaction Centre > My Order)

  • You will be directed to your order list.

  • You may select the order that is pending for your payment or is in ‘Unconfirmed’ & ‘Unpaid’& ‘Unpack’ Status.

  • You can notice that you have 2 options, to either ‘Pay Now’ & ‘Cancel Order’.

Then, you may follow the respective steps below if you wish to cancel order:

  1. Look for the order which is under ‘Unconfirmed’ & ‘Unpaid’& ‘Unpack’ status, you can choose to ‘Cancel Order’ for the order in which you do not wish to proceed for payment.

  2. Once you have decided to cancel order instead of making payment, you can click on ‘Cancel Order’ to cancel this order. A prompt message will appear and ask for your final confirmation on this order cancellation.

  3. Once you have clicked ‘OK’, this order will be cancel.

  4. You may view the order status is being amended to ‘Cancelled’ status.

  5. If you return to My Order, you can see that your order status has changed and you may see your status as ‘Cancelled’, ‘Unpaid’ and ‘Unpack’. Thus, you have the option to ‘Buy Again’.

Cancellation by User

You may cancel the particular order in which you have placed and you have not made payment for your order.

Cancellation by Seller

Without prejudice to any other right of termination elsewhere in Terms & Conditions of Sale, Seller, or GoKingKong acting on Seller’s behalf, may stop any products or parcel in transit, suspend further deliveries to Customers and or terminate the order with immediate effect by written notice to the Customer on or at any time after the incident of any following possible scenarios:

  1. The products for this order is not available for any reason.

  2. The customer has breached the obligation under order.

  3. The customer has passed resolutions for its winding up or a court of competent jurisdiction making an order for the Customer’s winding up or dissolutions.

  4. The making of an administration order in relation to Customer or the appointment of a receiver over a possession of selling any of the Customer’s assets;

  5. The Customer is making an arrangement with its creditors by applying a court of competent jurisdiction for protection from its creditors.


  1. All Sales are Final.

  2. Please be informed that there is strictly no cancellation after payment is made.

  3. Orders cannot be cancelled once payment is successful. Successful payment indicates an order is being confirmed and it is being processed.

  4. Please be informed that no cash refund or return on customer’s personal reasoning as below:
    a) Not suitable
    b) Not match
    c) Change of Mind

  5. Please be informed that no cash refund for any defective items. We will only provide the product exchange or replacement services.
    *(Defective item is referred as damaged item or broken item, or slightly dented item).

  6. All SALE and promotional priced items are non-returnable & non-refundable.

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