GKK In-Store Collection (PC)

What is GKK In-Store Collection (PC) ?

In-Store Collection is generally defined as:

  1. A mean of purchasing something in which you place order and pay for it through online medium (can be online marketplace), then collect your items straight from the shop: Some items drop in price only when you select in-store collection.

  2. It is also stands for Buy-online-collect-in-store.

  3. This allows retailers to engage customers by blending the online and in-store experience.

For Peace Collection Store on GoKingKong (GKK),

The option of In-Store Collection is only applicablefor customer who walks in to Peace Collection Retail Store (Offline retail stores) and perform transaction via GoKingKong Peace Collection Store.

Kindly refer to the steps as illustrated below: 

  1. The sales associate inretail stores will assist customers to browse items from Peace Collection GKK stores and guide customer on how to do checkout online.

  2. First, customers can scan QR code provided by sales associate and register a GoKingKong account.

  3. Customer may start browsing for products on GKK Peace Collection store.

  4. Customer can add their preferred products into cart.

  5. When customer view their cart list/at cart page, customer can view the In-Store Collection option.

  6. Customer is asked to check the column for In-Store Collection before proceeding to checkout page.

  7. Once clicked Checkout button, customer will be directed to Checkout Page to make payment.

  8. After payment is made, customer can grab the items they purchase from sales associate before leaving stores.

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